April 20, 11:00 am Mountain Time 

May 18, 1:00 pm Mountain Time 

All trainings will be hosted over Zoom.

About the training: 

In 2021, we launched Cyber for State Leaders (featured in Governing), a cyber hygiene training for state leaders.  We offered briefings in all 50 states and trained 1,342 state leaders as a part of the program. While reaching out to only state leaders, we were bombarded with requests from government leaders at the local level and their staff to join the training as well.   

Looking towards the 2023 training program, we wanted to expand the training to be more inclusive of all government leaders and their staff.  

Cybersecurity for Government Leaders was born.    

Cybersecurity for Government Leaders will include nonpartisan trainings intended to prepare government leaders and staff to be vigilant against cyber threats by offering to educate on the ecosystem of cybersecurity, common types of cyberattacks and best practices on how to protect individuals against cyber threats.