National Cybersecurity Center and Resolute CyberStrategies Launch Cybersecurity App for State Leaders

Cybersecurity for State Leaders

Custom App Designed to Promote Cybersecurity Hygiene for State Legislators

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – July 6, 2021 – The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) and Resolute CyberStrategies announced the launch of a Cybersecurity App designed specifically to promote cybersecurity hygiene for state leaders.

The app is part of the Cybersecurity for State Leaders nationwide initiative led by NCC and supported by Google. The initiative is hosting high-level cybersecurity briefings for state elected and appointed leaders and their staff in all 50 states to provide important information on the evolving threat environment and equip them with cybersecurity threat mitigation best practices.

On Thursday, July 8, Cybersecurity for State Leaders will host a briefing for the Colorado state legislature. The non-partisan event will feature expert remarks by famed cybersecurity executive, Investor on ABC’s  Shark Tank and founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, Robert Herjavec; Chief People Hacker from IBM’s X-Force Red Team and Career White Hat Hacker Stephanie Carruthers; Sen. Shelley Moore Capito; Senator Joe Manchin; Governor Brian Kemp; former State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert; and senior experts and researchers from Google, Microsoft, and more.

“Today’s cybersecurity ecosystem is a complex web of individuals, small and large businesses, governments and threat actors that range from the individual to nation states,” Lieutenant General Harry D. Raguege, Chief Executive of Officer of the National Cybersecurity Center said.  “Our leaders – particularly those at the state level on the frontlines of democracy – must get involved in and engaged in better understanding and maneuvering this new landscape, and Cyber for State Leaders and the NCC-Resolute Cybersecurity App helps prepare them to start that journey,” Gen. Raduege added.

The NCC-Resolute Cybersecurity app is a free resource specifically designed for a non-technical audience and aims to enhance the personal and organizational cybersecurity awareness and education of state lawmakers and their staff.

“We are excited to partner with Resolute CyberStrategies to put this powerful cyber hygiene tool in the hands of those on the frontlines of our democracy,” said Forrest Senti, program lead for Cybersecurity for State Leaders. “This tool is part of our ongoing efforts to raise cybersecurity awareness and preparedness among state-level policy and decisionmakers so they become an active and evolving part of defense for states.”

The NCC-Resolute Cybersecurity App contains cybersecurity best practices and resources for state elected officials. The app includes:

  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment to provide state leaders with a snapshot of their potential cybersecurity risks and gaps in readiness
  • Incident Response Plan templates
  • National cyber alerts and recommended actions
  • Critical security updates from leading technology companies
  • Checklists, FAQs and glossary of essential cyber terms
  • Key contacts and other state-level resources

“Today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape has not only increased the operational, legal and financial pressure on public sector entities and our state leaders, but it also brings significant reputational risk. Effective planning and preparation on the front end is critical to help mitigate risk,” said Jamie Singer, Executive Vice President and Director of Data Security, Privacy and Crisis Communications at Resolute CyberStrategies, a division of Resolute Strategic Services. “Creating a culture of cybersecurity resilience cannot be viewed as a one-off exercise, but rather an ongoing commitment to education and planning. The NCC-Resolute Cybersecurity App is an important tool in state leaders’ cybersecurity preparedness toolbox.”

The NCC-Resolute CyberSecurity App is available for free download on IOS and Android devices at

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