National Cybersecurity Center Statement on White House Cybersecurity Summit

Cybersecurity for State Leaders

On August 25th, President Biden held his first White House Cybersecurity Summit. The National Cybersecurity Center released the following statement:

We commend the Biden Administration for its critical focus on the issue of cybersecurity including appointing Chris Inglis as the first ever National Cyber Director at the White House. Additionally, we commend President Biden for hosting the cybersecurity summit at the White House with leading industry leaders in the tech and financial sectors. As President Biden’s team zeroes in on the critical issue of cybersecurity, we encourage him to work closely with state and local governments, who are on the frontlines of protecting their states against cyber breaches.

In March, we launched Cybersecurity for State Leaders, a nationwide initiative to train, arm, and equip state leaders in best practices in cybersecurity. According to data, more than ten percent of cybersecurity breaches last year involved the public sector – and governments at all levels. States, municipalities, local governments, school districts, hospitals, public utilities and more are significant targets for cyber threats and need all the support they can get.

To date, Cybersecurity for State Leaders has trained hundreds of state leaders including elected and appointed officials and their staffs in best practices in cyber hygiene to help thwart potential threats. We encourage leaders at all levels – including the White House – to remain vigilant against attacks and defend forward against cyber breaches by arming Americans with the best tools to protect themselves.

About National Cybersecurity Center

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