Nationwide Cyber Briefing Coming to Massachusetts Leaders

Cybersecurity for State Leaders


Boston, Massachusetts – On Tuesday, June 29th, Cybersecurity for State Leaders, a nationwide initiative led by the National Cybersecurity Center and supported by Google, will host a high-level cybersecurity briefing for state elected and appointed leaders and their staff. The briefing will educate state officials on the threat environment and arm them with best practices on how to avoid cyber attacks.

The briefing will feature remarks by Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito (R-Shrewsbury), President of the Massachusetts Senate Karen Spilka (D-Ashland), and Technology and Security Services Secretary Curtis Wood.

“The threat posed to all levels of government by cyber attacks continues to increase year after year,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Equipping government employees with the training and knowledge to assist in the fight against bad actors remains one of the best ways to improve the Commonwealth’s cybersecurity.”

“Data bears out that a significant number of cyber incidents are initiated through predatory cyber tactics such as phishing and smishing,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “Promoting a culture of good ‘cyber hygiene’ is critical to the Commonwealth’s ability to safeguard our IT and data assets.”

“We all must do our part to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and arm ourselves with the knowledge and training that can help thwart attacks,” stated Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland). “Our information and technology infrastructure is a driving force behind what makes state government work. This is why we created the Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, the Internet, and Cybersecurity — so that we can continue to stay ahead of the curve as we craft cybersecurity policy. Today’s training gives lawmakers and staff the tools to protect themselves, the vital services government provides and the people of this Commonwealth. I am grateful to Secretary Wood, Chair Finegold, the National Cybersecurity Center and Google for providing this critical service.”


“End point user cybersecurity training is a vital component in improving the overall cybersecurity posture of state government,” said Secretary of Technology Services and Security Curtis M. Wood. “I thank the National Cybersecurity Center, Google, and our partners in the Legislature for their collaboration in providing this important training to the Commonwealth.”


“Massachusetts has to get ahead of the curve and become a leader on cybersecurity,” said State Senator Barry Finegold. “Over the past few months, dangerous cyberattacks have disrupted critical infrastructure, our auto inspection system, municipal governments, school districts, and local businesses. Unfortunately, this problem is not going to go away: criminals are having success and finding new ways to commit crimes online. We need to get smart and take proactive measures to ensure that our online platforms are safe and secure. I am grateful to Secretary Wood, the Senate President, the National Cybersecurity Center, and Google for helping arrange this important cybersecurity training for legislators and staff.”

“The threat of cyber attacks to Massachusetts is serious and becomes more challenging every day.  Increasing our awareness and improving our preparedness in both the public and private sectors cannot wait.  This issue is critical for every aspect of our daily operations and impacts consumers, businesses, and governments alike,” said State Representative Linda Dean Campbell. “I am thankful to Speaker Mariano, Secretary Wood, and the National Cybersecurity Center, for offering this timely training.”

The briefing will also feature remarks by famed cybersecurity executive, Investor on ABC’s  Shark Tank and founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, Robert Herjavec, Chief People Hacker from IBM’s X-Force Red Team and Career White Hat Hacker Stephanie Carruthers, and senior experts and researchers from Google, Microsoft, and more.


“Massachusetts has been at the forefront of leading on smart cybersecurity practices and we commend Governor Baker and the Legislature for prioritizing investments to strengthen the Commonwealth’s cybersecurity, including cybersecurity training.  But there’s always more that can be done and the threat environment is vast and complex,” Forrest Senti, program lead for Cybersecurity for State Leaders said. “Massachusetts is a high target for cyber threats because it’s a major hub for industry, especially in the healthcare sector. We are grateful to Governor Baker, Lieutenant Governor Polito, and the Legislature for their continued leadership on this critical issue.”

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